Yuzu Emulator | The Complete Guide to Nintendo Switch Emulation

A Complete Guide for setting up and playing games on yuzu, an Emulator for the Nintendo Switch Console

Guide Start 0:38
Adding Decryption Keys 1:57
Selecting your Games Directories 3:09
Creating/Deleting User Profiles 5:32
Controller Setup 7:05
Optimal Settings for Pokemon 9:18
Adding saves/Mods to your games 9:43
Adding Deadzone Support to Yuzu 12:30
Optimal Settings for Super Mario Odyssey 16:06
RAM, CPU & GPU Optimizations for Yuzu 19:11

When mapping the controllers, to fix the + & – mapping issues on ZL & ZR, Hold the trigger before you map it, then press the map button in the Yuzu UI, then release the affected trigger.

Text Edit required for Deadzones



C++ Redistributable 2017 (Required for Emulator Usage)

Download Yuzu

Yuzu Game Compatibility List

My Full Linux Setup Guide (For Yuzu and Cemu)

Saves for Pokemon Lets Go

Multi Language Saves for PLG Pikachu


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