How To Build A Gaming PC

*Having a background in military electronics, I have a respect for components, but with that being said, an ESD(electrostatic discharge) strap is never a bad idea.*

Building your own PC can save you anywhere from 30%-40% over buying pre-assembled computers, and save you at least twice as much over a new Mac.

The exact parts I used:
($900 parts budget)
Tower/Chassis – Rosewill Legacy QT01-B
Power Supply – EVGA – 220-G2-0750-XR
Motherboard – ASUS – B150 PRO GAMING/AURA
CPU – Intel – Core i5-6400 6 MB
RAM – G.SKILL – F4-2400C15D-16GVR
GPU – EVGA – 02G-P4-2957-KR
Hard Drive – Seagate – ST1000NM0011
Disk Drive – ASUS – DRW-24F1ST
Operating System – Windows 10 Pro(on a thumb drive)
(still need a monitor, keyboard and mouse)

All cables and pieces used for the install were included with these parts.

Things to look out for:
-Motherboard and case are compatible sizes. (ATX)
-CPU is proper fit for Motherboard. (LGA)
-RAM can talk to CPU. (DDR4)
-Tower cables are set properly. (Use Motherboard manual to see power switch placements)

The most common issue if the computer is not booting is the Tower switch connectors on your Motherboard are place incorrectly. Again, the Motherboard manual with alleviate this.

If you have any questions, leave a comment below.

I misspelled ‘chassis’ 😛

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