Swiftpoint Z Mouse – Gaming Innovation of the Year 2017

Awarded Gaming Innovation of the year by CES, the largest technology tradeshow in the United States.

“Hands-down the coolest, most innovative gaming mouse I’ve seen in a decade of reviewing PC gaming peripherals”, PC Game Examiner

“The Swiftpoint Z is here and now mouse makers the world over have a lot of catching up to do.” Overclock 3D

“…gives players unprecedented control without compromising on comfort”, Digital Trends

“This mouse has an accelerometer, gyroscope, 50 buttons, and an OLED display to make you the ultimate gamer”, The Verge

The Z is a hardware fusion between a joystick, gamepad and mouse. A world first gaming mouse innovation that allows you to Pivot, Tilt & Roll. Top end Gyro technology gives you joystick like control. Perfect for FPS, MMO, MOBA flight sim and driver control computer games.

A new way of clicking buttons gives you unrivalled speed and precision. With unique button positioning, you can easily access dozens of different actions while barely moving your fingers, allowing 50+ unique clicks while maintaining total control of the mouse.

The most dynamic mouse on the market. With 5 pressure sensing buttons, the Swiftpoint Z senses how hard you click. Fully customizable pressure levels available on each of these buttons. Another world first feature of the Z – customizable tactile feedback so you know when you’ve made a deeper click.

Easily use out of the box, then start to customize your gaming style. Powerful driver software allows you to create the perfect game profile. Quickly change profile with the click of a button. Modify your Z mouse’s button size, shape and placement. Adjustable and replaceable feet to set your perfect tilt level or lock off tilt altogether.

Swiftly take your gaming to the next level. The Z will give you the edge to crush your competition. With the Swiftpoint Z you will wow your team and dominate your opponents. Using the Z you will breakthrough to new levels in popular games such as Battlefield, Star Citizen, Elite Dangerous, Overwatch and many more.

The Swiftpoint Z is a fully featured mouse with a high-performance optical sensor and ergonomics that will give you the edge, whether you are a serious gamer or a professional user.
It has many new features including; gyro, accelerometer, touch sensitive buttons, tactile feedback and OLED display.

Ergonomics and Design
The main mouse buttons are flat, creating a stable platform so you do not nudge the mouse while clicking. The Z can be customized so it fits your hand perfectly. You can choose the fingertip and the trigger button caps to suit the size of your hand and your grip style.

Mouse Trigger Buttons
The trigger buttons under the index and middle fingers can be operated in two ways. Each button can be pressed down by slightly straightening the finger. It’s so easy that you can use the buttons for actions you use frequently. Curl your finger back and pull back on the buttons like a trigger for additional actions. The height of the buttons can be changed by selecting between taller or shorter
button caps. For even finer adjustment, the button caps can be reversed so the contact point can be moved backwards or forwards.

Fingertip Buttons
The fingertip buttons can be configured to make reaching them easy. If you prefer to move your finger as little as possible, choose the larger button cap. If you prefer something smaller, the smaller button cap option can be inserted instead. The smaller button cap has a raised portion, and the button cap can be inserted with the raised portion at the front or at the back. For further adjustment, slide the button cap forward or backward in its slot.

Deep Click
The Z senses how hard you push the main left and right click buttons, the left and right fingertip buttons, and also the middle button. Use The Z Driver Configurator to use this pressure-sensing capability to perform additional actions as you press harder.

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