5 Things You Missed About Nintendo Switch Mini and Nintendo Switch XL

NINTENDO SWITCH MINI and NINTENDO SWITCH XL – Everything You Need To Know About These Two Upcoming Consoles

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While Nintendo hasn’t said anything yet, the world of gaming is rife with ideas that we’ll get either the Nintendo Switch XL or the Nintendo Switch Mini really soon.

This is TheGamer’s list of 5 Things You Missed About Nintendo Switch Mini and Nintendo Switch XL.


Nintendo is a company which has won a reputation for always seeking to improve and come up with new ideas in the world of video games. It’s this sense of never resting on its laurels that has led gamers and gaming experts into some pretty serious speculation that there’s going to be either a Nintendo Switch Mini or a Nintendo Switch XL, or maybe even both, hitting the stores soon.

For the mini, there’s the idea that it might just take over from where the Nintendo 3DS finished off. Either that or it’ll take the current system and make it an all-in-one kind of gaming deal. Some people think it’ll be designed for kids and, if that means there’ll be a new Pokemon game, we’re down for that. With the XL, people have already come up with some glorious designs and don’t miss out on how YouTuber Kevin Kenson made one of his own! Thanks for watching and don’t forget to subscribe to TheGamer for more videos like this one!


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