Nintendo Labo Arcade Concept – Jump Game

(Piano only used as a stand)

English subtitles for commentary!

Inspired by the Jump Rope challenge in Super Mario Odyssey: this game challenges you to jump right until the end. Variable height based on button press duration, with 3 in-house songs (#smash2018) and increasing difficulty.

Each successful jump is a point. Jump the maximum height to hit the hidden coin block and score another point! Every 10 points will increase the difficulty, until the 5th level where the only way you can win is to hit the coin block 10 times. Will you play it safe, or go for gold (and speedrun times)?

There was so much code in this that the UI would lag when making changes. Heck, I think even in play mode it was lagging a bit. One thing I would improve for the software, as clearly noted in the video, would be to customize fadeout times for “moving” light nodes. It gets pretty impossible to see in the faster stages.